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Editor's note: The Tribune-Herald recently received a letter, postmarked Nov. 3, from convicted killer Frank Pauline Jr., who is serving 180 years in prison for the murder and rape of Dana Ireland. Although some readers might find Pauline's claims of innocence to be absurd or even offensive, we've decided to publish the letter in its entirety, with Pauline's punctuation, spelling and grammar intact.

Dear Hawaii Tribune Herald,

I'm sending you aletter asking you to please print in your paper. I believe the Public would really like to hear what I wrote. It'll be waking up a sleeping dragon, but that sleeping dragon should've never been put to sleep in the first place. Iknow the "women" in Hawaii don't want what happend to Dana Ireland on Christmas eve 1991, to happend to them. Read my letter and you'll understand.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Frank R. Pauline, JR.

"letting Rapest & murder's walk free"

I read about the Y-Walk, a march to focus on the end to Rape, sexual assault, Family abuse. In this article Prosecuting attorney Charlene Iboshi is shown with Police Cheif Kubojiri and mayor Billy Kenoi. they talk about stopping sex assault and rape. Well, I wanna point something out to the public. my name is, "Frank R. Pauline JR." I am currently serving a life sentence with a minimum of 180 year's for the Rape and Death of Dana Ireland that took place on Christmas eve 1991. I was charged amongst other's for rape and murder. DNA cleared me and other's. Charlene Iboshi was the Prosecutor on my trial. I've been in prison since 1993 and since my conviction in 1999, have been searching and doing all I can through friend's and family to find any information I can get to capture the real individual's who raped and hurt Dana Ireland. I have to do this on my own, because everyone believe's i'm guilty. Well "all" the eviedence proves i'm innocent and the same goes for both schweitzer's. But let's focus on DNA, that was found on Ireland. It's clear someone raped Ireland and left his DNA in her. Well who doe's that DNA belong to? I see mrs. Iboshi smiling in this article with her one red shoe on for the Y-Walk. Talking about putting a stop to Rape and sexual assault. How's about a stop to wrongful conviction's? How's about making an effort to find the person/person's who raped Ireland. Don't the public wanna capture this person? Isn't that what this Y-Walk is all about? It's been 21 year's since Ireland was raped and later died. I have spent 19-year's in prison for this crime I did not commit. DNA proved that. not me, or any of the schweitzer's DNA matched, the DNA found in Ireland. I'm confused and curious about why "all" the attempt's to capture the DNA Donor, is not being met. Is this how Justice is served with our police and also Prosecuting attorney Charlene Iboshi? I guess prosecutor's just wanted a scape goat, someone, anyone, to convict Just to stop all the bad publicily the Ireland family was laying on them. So knowing a conviction was the only way to get the pressure off of them, Especially with the election's going on, they used me and my lie's. that's right! Here come's a young island boy, who's alway's getting in trouble because of his drug use. He make's up a story about the Ireland case to help his family stay out of prison. not realizing how serious his lie's would effect him, or how far the prosecution would go to convict innocent people for there own selfish reason's. Yes, I shouldn't have lied about this case. But I love my family and I did what a young kid who honored his family with his whole heart would've done. still that doesn't make it right that prosecutor's would not attempt to continue the search for Ireland's rapest. I believe if they find the person who's DNA matche's the DNA found in Ireland, they will capture the real criminal's. then I along with both schweitzer's will be cleared. Wait! maybe the prosecutor's aren't looking for the rapest, because then all the truth will come out and they'll have to admit there mistake.

To all the public who's reading this, Contact Prosecutor Charlene Iboshi and mayor Billy Kenoi. Push them, quesiton them to find this DNA Donor who raped Ireland and why aren't they looking? Why are they safisfied with not finding the person who raped Ireland. Where's the Justice? Don't do it for me, or for the schweitzer's, if you still believe we're guilty. Do it to put this sick person away and to put a stop to any chance of him/them, repeating themselve's. It could've already happend and no one know's. Anyone want's to ask me any question's concerning this letter, or Case? or even why I blamed the schweitzer's for raping Ireland? Any question you wanna ask, write me and i'll respond with a truthful answer. I want Justice! Don't you? or doe's the public think it's okay to allow 3 men be convicted for a crime they didn't commit, or that DNA didn't match. Infact no eviedence matched. You can contact me at: Frank Pauline #A0746613 -- 1252 E. Arica Rd. Eloy, Az. 85131 -- or -- P.O. Box 1593 Kailua-Kona, Hi. 96745

I will fight to get the truth out till i'm dead.

Sincerely, Frank Pauline

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So what have the prosecutors and police done to identify the DNA that was found? Why should anyone be surprised if they convicted the wrong people after fudging some facts?  That's the way they get results here.

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I don't hear any denial of running her down with a car and beating her almost to death,then throwing her over a cliff and leaving her to die.Frankie boy,you claim to be covering for family.You already a proven Rat,so just rat out whoever you covering for if your claims is true.

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loco, you only read dope news,and that's your pathetic little problem.

I speak up against DUI, prescription drug abuse, and nicotine as well. Against all drugs imported by haoles to these islands.

What did Christie do to harm society? He promoted, distributed, sold, profited from illegal drugs. Same drugs which were admittedly used by the killers of Ms. Ireland at the time of the crime. Same drugs a guy in Puna grew and tried to defend with pipe bombs. Same drugs a man got killed for in Oceanview while trying to steal them from a dope grower.

And as much as Pauline whined that dope didn't cause them to kill Ms. Ireland, they did it while high. Same as you dopers all scream that Christie didn't harm anybody, he did harm a thousand-and-one times.



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Yes ahlovit, I feel much safer with Christie in jail (tongue placed firmly in cheek).  What violence did he perpetrate??  

Why aren't you raving about the rampant use of "legal" drugs??  Alcoholics and nicotine addicts are the perpetrators of more crime and violent crime at that, than all of the others combined.  Where is your outrage?  Where is the condemnation of those who purvey these deadliest of all drugs??  Try walking around with a sandwich board on your back in front of Safeway or WalMart letting everyone know they are corporate drug dealers using addicts' money to advertise to get more addicts.  Only then can you be taken seriously as a drug warrior.

You have to be blind not to see your approach to the problem since its inception has not only failed but has made the problem worse than it ever was before Nixon, et al., as evidenced by the mass murder taking place in Mexico.  It's caused about 50k killings so far.  

These mokes were under the influence of cocaine, but are you going to try and tell me that they would have made model citizens had it not been for the White Lady??  Maybe they should have been fall down drunk and behind the wheel so all they could do to kill someone in an accident.  That's so much more socially acceptable somehow??


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The money and resources wasted on Christie should have been used to chase down violent and dangerous threats such as the person who's DNA was found in this crime.

That it seems to be more important to get Christie to some people (fulofit) that profit off that choice is disturbing at best. It exposes the lengths they will go to to get what they want when it benefits them even at the expense of everyone else. The war on marijuana doesn't work, and never has, those resources are wasted. Its easy to see as there is more marijuana and it's cheaper now than when Christie was arrested. What was accomplished other than letting violent crimes go unsolved because of the wasted resources used to get a guy with an office downtown and marijuana plants in the office. If you want him walk in and arrest him do not send 13 agencies and waste 2 years and millions of dollars, what a sick and dangerous policy.

Some people profit off that, but the community suffers. They knew what was happening but waited 2 years allowing it to continue, if it was so dangerous he can not be released on bail how was it safe enough to allow to continue for years? The whole case is about politics nothing more and real cases like this one suffer because of those politics.

Marijuana is easier to get now after all those years of wasted time and money. Get serious about the crimes that hurt people. Someone smoking a joint can not be compared to this crime that more time, money, and resources are used for marijuana crimes prevents those same things from being used in cases like this. That is a problem for most of us fix it.

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"But I love my family and I did what a young kid who honored his family with his whole heart would've done" sounds to me like he is taking the rap for someone in his family, so if he is taking the rap then he sould be as honorable and DO THE TIME!

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Pauline in jail, Christie in jail, the Schweitzers in jail.

East Hawaii is a better, safer place now.  Hawaii is not a drug paradise.

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It does look like at least one got away. This case would be a good place to use the massive resources wasted on marijuana cases every day. 13 LEO's (law enforcement organizations) spent millions of dollars and two years on the Roger Christie case. I believe that those resources would have been better used identifying the person who's DNA was found in this case. They could have walked in and arrested Roger Christie any day of the week, he had signs up and was not hiding or denying what he was doing. Instead they wasted enormousness resources manufacturing a case because they wanted to get him. Where is that effort here? Apparently it's more important to get the non violent pot minster than to get everyone involved in this horrific crime.

Talk is cheap, where you put your resources tells the real story, it's all about priorities. This case has not gotten the resources it should have. If not for Mr. Ireland and the community particularly Mayapple Mcullah they all might have gotten away. Not much has changed in resource allocation as the Mossman case proved again.

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To be honest, I was always bothered by the fact that no DNA from Pauline or the Schweitzers was ever found.  However, I still believe that the Pauline and Company were involved in some way.  As I recall, wasn't it Pauline's or the Schweitzers' little brother who detailed the horrific events of that day in court?  Sad.  

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Well was it the one armed man this time? Or maybe the toothless man?

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