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A psychological examination has been ordered for an 18-year-old Hawaiian Paradise Park man accused of stabbing a 69-year-old neighbor with her own gardening shears.

Hilo District Judge Harry Freitas on Monday ordered Seferin Tilipou to return for a hearing at 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 22.

Tilipou is charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree burglary and first-degree assault for allegedly forcing his way into the home of Mary Davy, punching her in the face and stabbing her numerous times with the gardening tool early Saturday morning.

Tilipou was in custody without bail pending his initial court appearance.

Davy was released from Hilo Medical Center on Monday, according to daughter Suzanne MacAdam.

"She's really feisty," MacAdam said. "The nurses are surprised by her recovery."

Family members of both Davy and Tilipou were present in the courtroom Monday.

Tilipou, who is deaf or hearing-impaired, was assisted in court by a sign-language interpreter. His attorney, Deputy Public Defender Nona Lawrence, asked Freitas to set bail, while Deputy Prosecutor Dakota Frenz requested that bail be denied.

"The state has charged the defendant with attempted second-degree murder, and the complainant in this case falls into the category of elderly ... which would subject (Tilipou to a possible sentence of) life without parole. Therefore, no bail is appropriate in this instance," Frenz said.

Freitas set bail at $500,000, and Frenz requested numerous conditions, including orders to stay away from the victim and her residence and a substance abuse assessment.

Lawrence said she had no objection to the conditions requested.

"Apparently, Mr. Tilipou was somewhat intoxicated," she told the court.

MacAdam said afterwards that her mother doesn't believe her alleged attacker should receive bail.

"We would prefer no bail, for sure," MacAdam said. "We're uncomfortable with even the slightest chance that he could be back in the neighborhood."

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Another idiot for State Prison.

Some people must be caged and this is one of those people.

or he's a real asset to the community......your choice.

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